Viva Voce Practice 1 (Jan)

This is your homework and it is compulsory to submit your work via the Maths blog.

Factors and Multiples

To demonstrate your understanding of concepts through clear articulation on your approach to solve the problem.

  • This is an Individual Task. You are to complete the viva voce practice on your own.
  • It will also help you to seek and articulate your understanding of concepts as you attempt to explain your approach and solution to each problem.
  • You should not take more than 1 hour to complete the entire task.

You will explain how you find the positive SQUARE ROOT/CUBE ROOT of the following numbers.
  • Your explanation should be concise, relevant and clear.
  • The video clip should not be longer 5 min.
  • You may choose any suitable multimedia application for this task (e.g. PhotoBooth, QuickTime Player). Keep the file size of the video clip small as you are expected to upload it to the internet (Blog, YouTube, Facebook).
Refer to the "Discovering Mathematics" Workbok (page 2) for the actual question.
1 CHAI YING XIN CASSANDRA Q8(a) positive square root
2 KHANNA ANEESHA MONEESH Q8(b) positive square root
3 WONG SIMIN EVANGELINE Q8(c) positive square root
4 YEN SEE WAI, STEFFANY Q8(d) positive square root - received 20120123 1500h 
5 ALEXANDRE SHING Q8(e) positive square root
6 BENNETT NEOH CHENG YUNG Q8(f) positive square root - received 20120123 1500h 
7 BRANDON TAN JUN Q8(g) positive square root - received 20120123 1500h 
8 BRYAN NG JIA HAO Q9(a) cube root - received 20120123 1500h 
9 CHEAH TIAN KAI Q9(b) cube root
10 CHIA WEI-EN MICHAEL Q9(c) cube root - received 20120123 1500h 
11 DONGIL SHIN Q9(d) cube root
12 FARRUQ DANIEL B HUMARDANY Q9(e) cube root - received 20120123 1500h 
13 JASON NG JIA SHENG Q9(f) cube root
14 JEFF LEE Q9(g) cube root
15 JERROLD WONG KHENG HANG Q8(a) positive square root
16 JONAH PATRICK TAN SOONG HOW Q8(b) positive square root
17 KOH SIANG YUNG JORDAN Q8(c) positive square root
18 LAU GUAN HENG Q8(d) positive square root
19 LOO ZHONG HAN Q8(e) positive square root - received 20120123 1500h 
20 NG CHOON WEE Q8(f) positive square root
21 NG I-SHEN, SAMUEL Q8(g) positive square root - received 20120123 1500h 
22 SEAH GUI CONG ALOYSIUS Q9(a) cube root
23 TAN KIAN CHONG Q9(a) cube root

  1. Post your video clip in the Maths Blog. The title of the post would be Viva Voce Practice 1 [Question number] (e.g. Viva Voce Practice 1 Q4(a))
  2. Label your work as follows: viva voce 1
  3. The video clip may be uploaded directly to the blog. Alternatively, you could also upload the video clip to Facebook (set it to public view) or YouTube before embedding it in the blog post.
  4. It is your responsibility to ensure that the voice of the video clip is audible as verbal explanation is key to such task.
Note: Send an email to Ms Loh if you have not been invited as a co-author of the blog yet.

Deadline: To be submitted by Sunday 22 January 2012, 2359h

Examples of work done by your seniors: