Chap 12 (ICT Investigation 1) Introduction to Linear Graphs

In pairs, you are going to investigate the change of the "c" in the linear equation "y = mx + c" to find out what it is.

1. Login to GoogleSite (Mathematics > Class Page) to download the file (Chap 12 ICT Investigation 1.ggb).

2. Open the file, you will see 3 lines.
  • The 2 black lines represent equations y = 2x + 5 and y = 2x -2 while the pink line can "move".
  • The equations of the line are displayed on the left panel.

3. Drag the slider (on top) to change the value of n (for the pink line) to 3, 2, 1, 0, -1, -2.

Discuss your observation on:
  1. Describe the 'relationship' between the pink line and the 2 other lines?
  2. Does the orientation of the line change as we drag the slider?
  3. What happens to the equation of the pink line as you drag the slider to the different numbers?
  4. Make a link between the position of the pink line and the equation.
Submit the observation under "Comments".
Remember to sign off with your name and your partner(s)'s name before submitting your observation.

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