eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1

I think the pie chart is the most inappropriate as it shows an angle and a weather doen't have an angle

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  1. Aneesha

    Graphs are used to represent a given set of information in a visual form. So, it has nothing to do with whether weather has anything to do with angles.

    For example, in the diagram you captured, the entire pie chart is orange. Now, what kind of weather does orange colour represent? So, it tells us that 100% of the cities (in the given list) are experiencing sunny weather.

    We have to interpret accordigly to the 'purpose' and 'context' of the charts.

    Try to look at 3 other graphs given and try to interpret the information that comes with the charts. You should be able to draw out some sensible interpretation from the chart, except one.

    Try to find out which one? and try to explain why you think that graph is inappropriate.