eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

Above is a screenshot of a graph I think is inappropriate as to collect data on the weather conditions in several locations. I think this graph is inappropriate as though the different weather conditions are represented by different colors, the graph didn't show the number of locations with the same weather conditions, just the angle of the part of the pie chart. I think the other 3 graphs are appropriate as they show the number of the different weather conditions of the locations.


  1. Farruq

    In a pie chart, the different sectors (pies) are used to represent different items so that we can describe the portion (amount, in %). Hence, it is alright to use the different colours to represent the different types of weather.

    If we interpret the pie chart carefully, we are able to tell that a majority of the cities are having sunny weather. If we compute further, we would be able to tell the % of cities (in our list) experiencing each type of weather.

    Go through the 3 other charts. Are you able to interpret the graphs to arrive at some sensible information or observation about the weather and cities? Look out for one that would give 'strange' interpretations.

    Try again.