eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

I think this graph is inappropriate as you have to calculate the percentage to get the exact number and you have to do an additional step and waste time

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  1. Brandon

    You are right that it would be not be the appropriate choice if the intent of the graph is to enable us to compute the 'exact' number of cities.

    However, the pie chart would be appropriate if we want to draw out information like %age of cities experiencing certain type of weather or to answer to questions like what type of weather are most of the cities experiencing now.

    Hence, depending on the context, the pie chart can be appropriately used to represent the given set of weather data.

    Look through the 3 remaining graphs again. Are you able to draw out information that makes sense out of the graphs? or is there anyone that gives you some strange interpretation?

    Try again.