Chap 3 Approximation & Estimation - Diagnostic Test

The Diagnostic Test for Chapter 3: Approximation and Estimation has been administered through the AceLearning Portal.

The objective of this Diagnostic Test is for you to find out, to what extent you know in this topic, hence able to set your learning goals for the topic. You should therefore try your best when responding to the questions. This would also inform the teachers have a better understanding of your pre-requisite knowledge.

Deadline: 6 March 2012 (Tuesday), 2355h.
The answers to the questions will be available in the portal after the deadline.

Please login to your Ace Learning Portal to attempt the Diagnostic Test.

If you have difficulty accessing the portal (e.g. password), please email to your respective teacher for assistance.
S1-01, S1-02, S1-04, S1-09: Ms Loh Kwai Yin
S1-03, S1-06, S1-07, S1-08: Ms Gwen Lim
S1-05: Mr Edmund Ng