Chap 2: Real Numbers - Story Marathon at FaceBook

"Numbers" is part of our everyday life! It comes in different forms - Positive & Negative; Integers, Decimals, Fractions, and they can be "Irrational"!

In this story marathon, you will let your imagination run wild! Using Real Numbers, continue the story where the last person has commented. You may comment more than once. Each time, real numbers must be used, in one way or another. Do not limit yourself to only positive integers.

It is going to take place in Facebook > Group: Mathematics in Real Life
You must be a member to be able to comment.
Look for the post on 2012 S1-01 Jack & REAL NUMBERS

This story marathon will run till Term 1 Week 10 before we consolidate it as a full story to share with others :)

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