The "Decimals" that I know

a) Decimals are a way to represent Fractions and both of them represent values in between two whole numbers.These numbers allow us to make more accurate calculations when the need arises.They are more 'friendly' to use for most people than Fractions.Decimals are commonly used in areas such as Finance, Medicine and construction when measuring units such as currency, mass and distance.

b) Calculators convert Fractions into Decimals before they can use them. If you enter '1/3' into most calculators,it spits out ".333333333" which is the Decimal formed of "1/3". 
Decimals are used in finance to control stock markets and the changing rate of currency. For Medicine, it is often used in the contents of the medicines in mg, mcg and g. For construction, it is used for measuring the mass, area and length of building materials.

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